My Ancestry

The earliest record here is the marriage of Richard Hartland and Mary Alson which took place on 8th May 1709 at Saint Bennett’s Church, Paul’s Wharf in London. Richard and Mary were my 7x Great Grandparents

You have probably stumbled across my site because of your interest in genealogy and you may be searching for ancestors with the names Myall, Skillen, Smith, Major, Frazer, Woolcott, Coates, Lowry, Hendry or Allen. If this is so, and you believe your roots lie in England or Ireland, stick around as you might just discover a connection.

The Myall name originated in Anglo-Saxon England and can be found with a variety of spellings, Mighill, Mihil, Mial, Mighell and Miggle amongst them. Throughout the centuries Myall’s have moved around the world and can be found in significant numbers in Australia, Canada and USA.

English Ancestry

A list of surnames of my direct English ancestors and their locations in the 18th and 19th Centuries. After 1930’s all my direct ancestors were living in Northern Ireland.

  1. Southend in the 18th Century

    Southend in the 18th Century

    Alson – (Westminster)

  2. Constable – (Essex)
  3. Davenport – (Westminster)
  4. Franks – (Hawkwell, Essex)
  5. Frazer – (London)
  6. Hartland – (London)
  7. Myall – (Essex, London, Belfast)
  8. Ryland – (Lambeth, London)
  9. Woolcott – (London)

Southend-on-Sea is situated near London at the mouth of the River Thames Estuary with a clear view of the Kent coast and these days it’s a popular sea-side town. The name Southend refers to the “South end of Prittlewell”, Prittlewell being the original settlement and gets a mention in the Doomsday Book. Southend only started to become a recognised name in the 18th century, as a “bathing town” It is at this time and here we can find my earliest direct ancestors from the Myall line. The town is steeped in Maritime history being an important port during the Spanish Armada in 1588, therefore it’s no surprise that the first Myalls we can trace are connected with the sea and are recorded as boat builders, shipwrights, mariners, watermen or boatmen. Other names connected with my English ancestry through marriage include: Baker, Beard, Coltman, Crilly, Little, Lyne, Johnson, Panton, Ramsey, Reed and White.

Irish Ancestry

A list of surnames of my direct Irish ancestors and their locations in the 18th and 19th Centuries.


County Down

  • Allen - (Dromore, County Down)
  • Bryden – (Newry, County Down)
  • Coates – (Downpatrick/Strangford)
  • Coulter – (Downpatrick/Strangford)
  • Gain- (Origins in Scotland)
  • Hendry – (Newry/Dromore)
  • Lowry – (Downpatrick/Strangford)
  • Major – (Belfast)
  • Silcock – (Belfast/Philadelphia)
  • Skillen – (Downpatrick/Strangford)
  • Smith- (Donaghadee, Belfast)